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Iceland: Adventures Up North

Thanks to the sweet deal offered by Iceland Airways, Anna and I were able to extend our layover on the way back from Paris by three days, giving us a free four day trip to Iceland. Hversu dásamlegt! (As they say).

We rented an AirBnB in darling little Reykjavik, and due to the abundance of daylight this time of year, were able to squeeze every last drop out of that town. Each cafe was more charming than the next, and the streets were filled with adorable fair-haired families riding their bikes along the harbor. Needless to say, the grey skies, bikes, and coffee culture helped us feel right at home.

After getting our fair share of lobster soup and brennevin shots, we took advantage of the midnight sun and hopped in the car to see what the rest of the island had to offer. And boy were we blown away. Not even 5 miles outside of Reyjkavik, we were already in disbelief by the breathtaking landscape, pulling the car over every 20 minutes to marvel at our surroundings. From rolling meadows filled with grazing sheep and wild horses, to separating tectonic plates that you can walk through (can you say middle earth?), to massive waterfalls and natural bathing rivers heated by the geothermal energy in the ground…we were stunned by the beauty of Iceland.

Even in four short days, we were able to get a feel for the unique and truly magical landscape that exists along the northern part of the planet. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of that free stopover—you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Rebecca Buxbaum

    Molly –
    Love the pictures of you and Anna and beautiful Iceland!
    You make it all come to life with your writing and photography…
    Take care,

  2. Alexa Linger

    LOVE the pictures at the waterfall! Wow! Looks like a uniquely awesome wonderland:)

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