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A Weekend in the Methow Valley

While a bit of a drive, the Methow Valley in northeastern Washington is stunning. Since there is still some snow in the mountains (all of these tulips almost had me fooled), we picked a place that would be good for camping, but in a sit-and-drink-scotch-by-the-wood-burning-stove-in-a-modern-Danish-shipping-container kind of way.

If you haven’t heard of them, the Rolling Huts are worth visiting. Designed by Seattle architect Tom Kundig, these small structures sit in a herd of six and are surrounded by mountains on all sides. With windows spanning the upper circumference of the hut, the light pours in at the perfect time, and you can sit on the patio watching deers graze and geese fly through the yellow larches. We even came face to face with a grey horned owl at sunset.

I guess this is what it feels like to live inside of a Monet painting. Sigh.



  1. molly! you’ve done it again. i have always wanted to go to the rolling huts and now it’s definitely on my pnw bucket list.

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