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Three months with Sadie

Our wonderful neighbor Sera captured these shots of our family of four this fall. Three months into life with Sadie, we are very much in love and can’t believe how fast she’s changing. As we look back on this challenging time for our world, we… Read More

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My Sister’s Wedding

My sister married Alex last weekend in a little town on Lake Ontario. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. To witness the coming together of two people with such intention, spiritually, thoughtfulness, and love is an incredible gift. My heart is still vibrating.

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A Spirited Second Night Seder

Passover is about many things. Cherishing our freedom. Committing ourselves to social justice. The power of storytelling. The bounty of spring. Each year, we have an opportunity to celebrate, question, and interpret these themes. Each year, new faces show up around our Passover table, and the same story we’ve told… Read More

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Ramogi Village, Uganda

The spring before my senior year in college, I was accepted to a year-long program through American Jewish World Service, a national organization dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to disadvantaged communities and people worldwide. The program consisted of a three-month stint in Ramogi Village, Uganda, working with an NGO… Read More