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The Enchantments

For our second annual sibling backpacking trip, Anna, Jacob, and I took our chances and applied for the highly coveted Enchantments permit, granting access to a beautiful alpine basin full of sparkling lakes.  Luckily we were chosen, and got to spend four spectacular days exploring the lakes, larch, and massive granite peaks of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Although the ascent up Asgaard Pass was probably one of the hardest things I’ve done, the 2,300 ft. steep scramble was absolutely worth it.

DSC_1722DSC_1911DSC_1696DSC_1788DSC_1791DSC_1806 DSC_1802DSC_1829DSC_1823DSC_1858DSC_1873DSC_1871DSC_1889DSC_1904

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