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Food Photography Workshop at The Pantry

How wonderful to spend 5 hours in a room full of strangers just as shameless about taking food photos as me. Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt, and her husband Gabe Rodriguez, a wedding and portrait photographer, taught this lovely food photography workshop a few weeks ago at The Pantry at Delancey.  If you haven’t been, run—don’t walk—to their lovely cooking studio to enjoy a community dinner, cooking class, or simply peer in on your way out of Essex or Delancey next door.

As an amateur photographer and food blogger, this class couldn’t have been more perfect.
We spent time refreshing our technical skills, toying with light and composition, staging and
plating dishes, and of course, sipping and nibbling along the way. The diverse group of graphic designers, chefs, nutritionists, professional photographers, stay-at-home moms, and first-time smart-phone users all brought different perspectives and expertise to the class, and Ashley and Gabe were fantastic.

The PantryBottlesSlawBlue chairPlated mealFinished slawRhubarb sodaRhubarb sodaBlood OrangesBlood oranges    

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