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The Norf Cascades

It’s not simply the arrival of rain, but the transition to a different environment and way of life. The drear has a certain dark beauty; a low-contrast softness. There’s no need to squint or close the blinds. Even the sound of the rain on our house is music to my ears, a lullaby.

DSC_3846 DSC_3849 DSC_3850 DSC_3852 DSC_3854 DSC_3856 DSC_3866 DSC_3875 Dam DSC_3883 DSC_3884 DSC_3885 DSC_3887 Friends2 DSC_3905 DSC_3911 DSC_3919 DSC_3930 DSC_3914 DSC_3912 DSC_3927 DSC_3940 DSC_3924-2 DSC_3944 DSC_3946 DSC_3950 DSC_3955 DSC_3960 DSC_3964-2 DSC_3969 DSC_3972


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