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San Francisco

Sweet smells. Drive through the city. Bikers on the Wiggle. Charred rosemary. Rye. Old friend. Stories, stories, stories. Scotch. Quiet apartment. Warm air. New friend on Haight. Old friend on Haight. Two shots of espresso. Golden Gate. Buffalos. Unplanned run-ins. Cheese rolls. Sun. Leon Bridges. Old boats. Eucalyptus. Bacalao. Mean Lady. Uphill. Downhill. Mid-century chairs and flannel. Wool coat. Shot in the dark. Serial. Nettle pizza. Punch bowls. Drag queens. Rye. House concert. B-12. Pickle juice. Bloody Mary to go. Windy roads. Cows. Bourbon-smoked oysters. Cheese. Sun. Bluegrass. Cider. Not Cider. Car nap. Burrito mission. RAC. Crowds. Cover bands. Rye. Old friend. The alley. Oakland. Home.

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